About Me

Welcome to  My professional activities are dedicated to helping principals complete the most successful real estate purchase and sale transactions across a wide range of property types, both Owner Occupied and for Investment purposes.  I am a Finance graduate of the University of South Florida where I also received a US Army Commission and assignment to the Military Police Corps in 1989.  I first managed rental property over 30 years ago while in College and have a deep understanding of the property ownership, investment, management, acquisition & sale processes.



Brokerage of Real Estate as a Georgia Licensee at Chapman Hall Realty - Atlanta, GA.  Representing Buyers and Sellers of various types of Owner Occupied and Investment properties.  Residential (single & multi-family, vacation, resort, Golf Club, etc.), Commercial (Manufacturing, Warehouse, Industrial, Self-Storage, Shopping Centers, Retail, Office Buildings, etc.), and Land (primarily with an eye for development), etc.


As Principal at Atlanta M&A Advisors, LLC., since 1998 I proactively manage the multi-million dollar business purchase and sale process for operating company owners around the US (

Owner Occupied


Commercial - Company Owned

Industrial & Manufacturing

Retail - Restaurant, Mixed Use, Auto - Multi-Family - Land

Single Family Residential

Anything you don't occupy yourself - which generates rental income or which is purchased for future development or sale. Apartments, Land, Office, Shopping Centers, Automotive, Self-Storage, Etc. 

When significant capital is at stake, one is smart to secure the help of capable experts that understand the market, the deal process, and your situation fully.


Helping property buyers and sellers complete the very best deals possible