Helping Clients Complete The Very Best Possible Property Purchase and Sale Transactions


1.  BUYER REPRESENTATION - Target Identification, Analysis, Acquisition

2.  SELLER REPRESENTATION - Preparation for Sale, Marketing & Sale Strategy-Implementation

3.  INVESTMENT OPTIMIZATION - Finance Acumen Applied for Better Decision Making


As an Owner Occupant or Investor working through the real estate purchase or sale process your bottom line goal is always the same:  BEST DEAL POSSIBLE - AS EFFICIENTLY & ECONOMICALLY AS POSSIBLE.  Wasting time must be forbidden, minimized at every turn.


Realizing a favorable deal outcome in competitive and changing markets is never guaranteed. Many Brokers, Agents and Principals will do anything possible to make you pay more, or to pay you less - even if unethical (have you ever been lied to in the deal process?).  Principals must be selective both in their choice of Brokers, and during the entire transaction decision making process.


As my Clients' "Force Multiplier," I am able to evaluate a wide range of financial, market, and tangible property condition factors in support of better decision making.  Principals don't simply need "Help" to complete Purchase and Sale transactions, they need "Expert Help," specialized expertise, the very best help possible, that is knowledgeable, thorough, motivated, and experienced, to better see and take advantage of opportunity and identify and avoid risks.


* Multifamily Investments Specialist - Triple Net Investments - Industrial Manufacturing - Commercial - Office Buildings - Retail / Automotive / Restaurant Properties - Hospitality / Hotel Resort - Single Family - Vacation - Golf Courses - Warehouse - Self-Storage - Mixed Use (Res/Retail/Office) - 1031 Exchange

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